State Emissions

"Drive Clean" is Salt Lake City, Utah mandatory vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program that is reducing vehicle emissions of smog-causing pollutants by requiring vehicles to undergo an emissions test to identify emissions problems and have them repaired.

Vehicles with model years six years old and older (to 1967) must have an emission test every year. Emission certificates are not required for vehicles with model years 1967 or older. Having an emissions test performed on a regular basis will help keep your vehicle running at its best.

The emission control system on your vehicle is important for keeping our environment as clean as possible. If your vehicle fails an emissions test, we can test to find out why and perform the needed auto repairs.

Safety Inspection: A safety standards certificate is issued by a government-approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Station after a vehicle passes an inspection. The inspection covers the minimum safety requirements for vehicles in Salt Lake City, Utah.

You need this certificate when you:

  • Register a rebuilt motor vehicle
  • Transfer a used motor vehicle to a new owner as fit
  • Change the status of a vehicle from unfit to fit

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Vehicles are considered unfit when they do not meet the minimum basic safety standards to drive on Salt Lake City, Utah's roads.

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